B-BBEE Empowerment Services


B-BBEE Consulting Services

Getting from A to Z via B-BBEE Empowerment Services.

Training and Development

Our experience has us exploring and pushing boundaries in everything we do.

B-BBEE Fund Management

The success of the journey depends on strong partnerships.

Accredited Training Academy and Consulting services

BES is a trustworthy and client-orientated Training Academy and Consultancy Services Company. Our track record for optimising B-BBEE skills development levels in an efficient and cost-effective manner is something we are very proud of.

Our professional team is made up of qualified and passionate experts who are all dedicated to the design and development of skills development solutions and strategies for our clients to comply with the revised B-BBEE Codes (effective 01 May 2015).


Getting from A to Z via B-BBEE Empowerment Services

BES is an accredited training provider, and as a result, all of our training material is also accredited. Not only do we collect B-BBEE documents, but we also compile skill development files. We will pre-audit your skills section for the Skills Development B-BBEE element and recruit according to EAP targets.

We also offer:

  • Training for individuals with disabilities
  • Learnership training and development according to the criteria of GOGP
  • Full qualifications, skills programmes, life skills programmes and workshops
  • Fund management training
  • Learnership registrations with SETA and project management for learnerships from start to finish
  • DHET and bursaries
  • WSP and ATR submissions
  • Employment Equity plans and returns

Training and Courses Offered (but not limited to)

Full Qualifications

  • Generic Management SAQA ID: 83946 NQF Level 3
  • Generic Management SAQA ID: 57712 NQF Level 4
  • Generic Management SAQA ID: 5920 NQF Level 5
  • Business Administration Services SAQA ID: 80566 Level 3
  • Business Administration Services SAQA ID: 61595 Level 4
  • Project Management SAQA ID: 50080 NQF Level 4
  • Business Practice SAQA ID: 61755 NQF Level 1

Short Courses

Skills programmes, workshops and learnerships, various training available.

Part-time Programmes

  • Project Management (endorsed by PMSA)
  • Business Management & Administration (Endorsed by CIBM)
  • Effective Store keeping & Stock Control
  • Conference Exhibition & Events Management
  • IC3 Digital Literacy
  • Selling Skills

ICB Qualifications

  • Financial Accounting: Foundation Level NQF Level 3
  • Financial Accounting: Intermediate Level NQF Level 4
  • Financial Accounting: Upper Intermediate NQF Level 5
  • Financial Accounting: Advanced NQF Level 6
  • Business Management: Foundation Level NQF Level 4
  • Business Management: Intermediate Level NQF Level 5
  • Business Management: Advanced Level NQF Level 6
  • Business Administration: Foundation Level NQF Level 4
  • Business Management: Intermediate Level NQF Level 5
  • Business Administration: Advanced Level NQF Level 6


We assist successfully with fund management. This means we make sure that the funds you contribute to the various B-BBEE elements, as per the criteria of the codes, are distributed and implemented to projects and interventions approved by your company. We aim to ensure you are awarded optimum points.